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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ten Reasons People fail to Become Wealthy

1) Many people will not take responsibility for their lives. Instead they blame others for their problems.

2) Many people lack audacity. Some people are very afraid of taking any calculated risks, and…

3) People want guarantees. There are obviously no guarantees for stock market, bond, or real estate investments. There is no guarantee a new job will work out or that your degree will really be an asset.

4) People will splurge on payday rather than socking away money.

5) People will accept credit cards and splurge on unneeded items, dinners, vacations, etc.

5) Many people will not read nonfiction books that will help them. People chat on IM, watch TV, and drink at the bar. These activities obviously do not lead to wealth.

6) People sometimes take charge of their new job before they are competent at it. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to work with an idiot who sees himself as the new boss after two days on the job. Learn your job inside and out before trying to get promoted. Be a good and loyal worker.

7) People tend to be biased and closed minded. Many people are biased against investments, entrepreneurship, and other ideas and things that can help them. The arrogance of some poor people is outrageous. Investigate new things.

8) Many people just write off all success as luck. This is pure BS. Study the law of cause and effect in your life. Study how others became successful.

9) Far too many people suffer from poor self esteem, and say, “I am not good enough.” If you have this problem, cut yourself off from negative people, and bad relationships, and start to associate with positive and goal oriented people.

10) People fail to take the long view of their life. At least once a month, look at where you are going in life. Review your life goals and the progress you are making on them. Please don’t think of becoming rich instantly.

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