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Friday, February 28, 2020

What Will You Read About in Black Book of the Master Mind 4th edition?

·         Two Universal political laws.

·         Who the local sock puppets in political forums are likely to be and what they want.

·         A strategy for countering your enemies’ auditing strategy.

·         Who to work for if you’re forced to be in the E quadrant for a while.

·         Aims of the elite that are ignored by tradcons currently and why they matter.

·         What to say to entitled crooks and straw men when they come around.

·         What happens to you when you claim to have values and rules but fail to follow them.

·         Who the real targets of mystics are and why.  (Undisputable.  This one is gold.)

·         Which health habits are most touted by experts you’d listen to?

·         Why a MasterMind might matter more than higher ed.

·         16 types of people not suitable for your MasterMind, and why.

·         One master rule of thumb for working in the E quadrant.

·         One drum that Rush Limbaugh used to beat that really matters today…in any setting.

·         There is one suggestion by Tim Ferriss that really matters in a mastermind group.  It’s not just lying down on a dance floor.  If you know Ryan Holiday’s story you know the answer.

·         A valuable force of nature lesson taught be Dantalion Jones.

·         A list of suitable mastermind challenges.

·         A strategy one presidential candidate used that maybe you can use.

·         Why you might want cryptocurrency, real estate, and precious metals.

·         What does “our side’s” bashing of celeb opinion and societies’ misfits do for/to us?

·         “Modern economy” defined and ways to deal with it.

Order and get a preview of the first chapter, below:

Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Steps to Financial Independence

In today’s life, people need financial independence. It is the state where people have sufficient money to live after retirement. Financial independence means you don’t need to depend on other employment after a certain age. 

Most of the people don’t have knowledge about financial independence. If you start saving for retirement from early stages then after few years in employment you will be able for financial independence. 

If you are interested in employment then there are many ways to earn. It is a requirement to have an occupation to pay monthly expenditures. People can be an investor and purchase the stock of many traded companies to get the benefit. Want to learn about financial independence and its importance in our lives, you can go through

We are given steps below so that you will be aware of the need for financial independence after retirement:

  • First investing from the starting of your job.
  • If you save a large portion of your income, one day it will become huge.
  • Invest your cash in best-trading companies. 
  • Learn how to stay long in the trading market for getting quick cash through

If you are a beginner to the financial planning procedure, it is significant to know that you don’t want to go from zero to fifty overnight.  

Just like a fitness trainer, who recommends everyone that your body cannot be fit within a day and he says that start works out every day to stay healthy and fit. Same way, we would recommend all to start executing advanced financial process techniques from the beginning. Select a sensible and realistic goal in your life, and get used to attaining small successes on the path to financial independence.

For instance, if you are a beginner to saving for retirement, you don’t want to invest half of your income. Start saving with a small amount - you can save $30 per month and upsurge it as per your income. Build your confidence for long-term investment and then gradually achieve success.

To become a financially independent person, you have to be very clear about your facts. A few things should be clear in your mind.

  • Know about your current financial situation.
  • Know about the obstacles in your path during investment.
  • Set the goals that will assist you to become financially independent.

Create a list of steps that will help you to first:

Becoming financially independent is not a particular objective, but the steps of sub-objectives. This is because your financial life has numerous aspects. If you want to achieve your overall aim for financial independence, you will have to create goals in all zones of your financial life, like:

  • Work to enhance your revenue
  • Try to control your extra expenditure habits
  • Complete quickly your student loan or credit card debt
  • Considerate about your savings patterns
  • Responsible for your investment purposes
  • Describing your long-term financial objectives
  • Getting the best life insurance policy for your family
  • Executing a legacy plan for your beneficiaries

Get complete knowledge of fast cash and investment for your beautiful future. You have to work on all areas of expenses to become successful in life before moving for your entire financial situation.

Always Retain Your Career 

If you can gradually upturn your income while keeping your expenses level less then you will get all of your financial objectives more rapidly.

Work hard to retain your career to a high level. You can retain your career moving onward by keeping your work abilities excellent and improving your value in your prospective field. You should update yourself to get success and promotions easily. Grasp yourself to get better opportunities in career. If you are independent or have your own business, it means gradually working to enhance your business moving up to the next or better level.

Life is full of amazements and deviations, and you have a good amount of cash for access quickly in case of any emergency. Emergencies like the car dying, getting laid off, medical treatment, and other health problems.

Planning For Long –Term Investment

Planning for the long-term is a significant characteristic of collecting wealth and attaining financial independence through your income. There are numerous concerns comes in mind when we are planning for long-term wealth, and all concerns will vary according to needs.

For example: If you are a doctor or engineer, you have to spend long hours after completing your studies and require quality training to get a good income or revenue. With long-term planning, you get the assurance in your job’s safety, taking your profession to attain a promotion, or helping in various steps that will be the consequence of higher sales assignments can all be aspects for wealth and techniques to move toward financial independence.

Take Control of Your Time

Achieving full control over your time is frequently one main feature in reaching towards financial independence. The most powerful way to make wealth is by controlling on your time. If you get the career that gives you the best feeling, and you are self-controlled in dealing with your career by controlling costs, you have an enormous benefit over your competition. Youths should start saving for their future independence. They should get knowledge about trading and free and low cost education prospects through

Reaching Towards Your Goal

Generally, the real worth of your revenue is moderately determined by the paycheck that you can invest to accomplish a financial independence aim. Setting your objective can be significant for keeping your viewpoint on revenue in your business. At your objective, you can effectively maintain the lifestyle you want without working with extra efforts.

Working with a financial mentor can support you to set an aim for wealth accretion that permits you to maintain your style of living without an extra paycheck and accomplish the financial independence of your visions.

Our goal can be supercilious; however, as most folk’s annual spending contains a long list of economical kinds of stuff, such as car payments, mortgage payments, college tuition, clothing, entertainment expenses, music lessons, and many more.

Get reliable information for financial independence and strategies of early retirement through our complete Kindle eBook edition.

By Radhika Sharma

Why Retire Early?

Early retirement doesn’t mean to stop work forever but it is the best way when you don’t want to work for money for a longer time. You can ask different people about what is early retirement. 

Taking retirement at an early age doesn’t mean that they don’t want to work to continue in life? Young people must know what the need for financial independence is. If you are interested to learn about financial independence, you can go through our Kindle edition (

People will take early retirement to become financial independence and they can start their own work. You can get freedom and flexibility at work. 

What strategies should be applied for early retirement?

An early retirement strategy depends on three techniques:

Income – It depends upon how much you have earned.

Expenses – Depends upon your expenditures.

Saving – Depends upon your investment and saving. 

In the first phase of your early retirement strategy, you have to evaluate your financial independence – Calculate the saving money to become operational.

Get the best Investment Plan

Are you looking for a reliable and consistent retirement income? You have to analyze your future income and savings before making plans for retirement. Send some time on planning and researching for various ways for your plans. Take complete information about all financial strategies from useful resources

To raise the trading money is not a quick and easy decision. Think about how much you are aware of your job or work, your profession needs years of experience and training to know more knowledge. 

The savings will require providing the income for the remaining lifetime, and you don’t need to have enough money to make faults.

Do careful research about financial planning, and don’t hesitate to search for experienced professional assistance. Please make the best plan for retirement investment.

Work With Best Financial Advisor

There are two challenges come in your way if you want to retire early:

  • Have you less time for saving for your retirement?
  • Have you more time for spending on your retirement?

If you are a great investor, then also it is a good idea to take advice from your financial advisor. A financial advisor assists you to develop the best investment policy to reach your retirement goal. 

Once you retire, your consultant can assist you to accomplish your income resources. Your income streams might contain income from mandatory least distributions, dividends, defined-benefit plans, real estate investments, and social security. 

Find your time to get an advisor you are friendly with you with so that you are comfortable and you can discuss every point.

If you are concerned about the price of a financial counselor, reminisce that you are just not paying for their value but you are paying for their proficiency and knowledge. Look for a right advisor who knows to make more expenses.

  • Managing your profits is necessary and it is more important for retirement.
  • Retirement planning often involves evaluating your earnings that require in the upcoming years for leading up to the best-calculated retirement date.
  • If your retirement investments, along with dividends, social security expenditures, are not sufficient to achieve your expenses needs, you might require deferring retirement.
  • Imperative factors to deliberate are monthly expenditures, such as services, groceries, transportation, utilities, and taxes.
  • Speaking with a financial manager can support you to determine the best combination of investments and an ultimate retirement date for your particular situation.

Planning in Early-Retirement Years

Retiring early means

  • You have a smaller time to save money.
  • You have an elongate time for money to be saved that required to maintain the spending.

Both of these have the meaning that the investment will return to you as your best friend. For accomplishing the best revenues, you have to invest in a well-adjusted portfolio that worked toward long-term evolution. We endorse low-cost index assets, with a distribution that is slanted toward stocks for as long as you can digest it.

When rearranging your funds, also study the subsequent level of liquidity and how it will change your capability to make withdrawals when you want them. For example, non-publicly operated or diligently held securities can gross from a few weeks to over a year to be settled.

Get Earnings From Retirement Savings

The number of earnings you will want to withdraw from your retirement- savings.

Your profits usually depend on how much you have access or how much you have received from other places, such as your consistent funds and dividends. If it is possible for you, think about withdrawing no extra money from your retirement savings. You can learn about IRS regulations from the Kindle Edition of Free and Low cost education ebook. Your analysis for money saving will permit you to know more about tax-free, or rising tax-deferred in the case of Roth IRAs. 

This will also assist to diminish the amount you must contain in your income, thus decreasing the taxes will be obligated for the year. Your income also defines what you have to recompense for your health. Early retirement is a great way to take rest from your job. You can enjoy your life by traveling, shopping, and going to your favorite destination without thinking about earning more money. 

Invest your money at a good place from a young age so that you will become able to get good money after your retirement. After your retirement, you can also your own business or work and side-by-side you get your monthly salary. 

First, you need to determine how much you require for allocating from your retirement account for the year, communicating with your retirement strategy supervisor or financial services benefactor to start scheduled allocations from your retirement savings funds. 

Save for your future investment in a particular timeframe such as monthly, quarterly, or annually. If you are interested to study about future investment and financial independence, you can learn reliable knowledge and education form our free and low cost educational Ebook. Get the best education to become successful in the Finance department then go through

By Radhika Sharma

Thursday, February 20, 2020

How Can People Stuck in the Rat Race Overcome Fear of Taking Action?

Let’s look at some strategies and mindsets of people who want out of the rat race.

First, if the wanna be escape artist firmly believed being in the rat race was worse than a failed side-hustle, quitting tobacco, cutting non-essential appending, or spending a thousand dollars on courses, books, or other pain points, they might take positive consistent action.

Commitment to a certain outcome and momentum could be positive strategies as well.  Being committed enough to blow past peers or ignore their local social hierarchy would be a help.

Having an internal dialogue that helps you face and conquer fear could / would /should help escape artists quit jobs, start businesses and so forth.

Being sure one can “enjoy the grind” is a big plus.  Escaping the rat race usually isn’t as easy as a few mouse clicks.

Already being somewhat adventurous is a boon to success. 

As one business guru says, “We have two lives and the second one begins when we realize we have one.”

For more, see:

Find Your #Strategy – Part 2. 7 Possible Strategies

Today, we have seven strategies you just might be able to use today to advance your agenda.

Build on your strengths.  If you’re smart, become smarter.  Find work projects that will make the nerd in you happy.  Like they used to say, “Become so good they can’t ignore you.”

Wake up a little earlier.  Even 15-30 minutes can give you a head start to exercise, plan, and prepare for the day or to get to work early.

Read or listen to the strategists of today and of the past.  There’s B.H. Liddell Hart, Von Clausewitz, Sun Tzu, Chris Matthews, and Peter Thiel.  Search through business blogs, magazines, and videos for strategies from accomplished individuals that work for similar people and companies.

Recall Tony Robbins’ congressman friend who was badly disfigured in a plane crash.  Tony’s friend’s campaign ad said, “Not just another pretty face.”  Related, Chris Mathews says to make your skeletons dance.

Find ways to use competitors and wolf in sheep’s clothing duplicitousness to your favor.

If looking for stocks right now, what criteria would you use to screen them all?  After you get your initial results, how would you further narrow down your search? What would be your criteria for pulling the trigger?  Know your outcomes.  Know your criteria.

Make the future you happy.  You can continuously stretch and push out of your comfort zone.  You can properly maintain your health and your car.   

If more ideas for getting cash is what you’re after, see:

Monday, February 17, 2020

How to Count Yourself Back In by Creating a #Strategy that Works for You!

Focus your mental powers on a definite and defined outcome.

Ask and continue to ask yourself (the right) questions until you’ve found your strategy and/or have reached your goal.

You will likely have to act somewhat unconventionally to sell your products, win enough votes, or reach your goal.

Let’s look at some modern examples of out of the box strategies:

Info Wars produced a video documentary called End Game to reach and inform common people about the stated aims of the New World Order. This one must have worked to a degree. Today, conservatives are said to be making a documentary on the scandals in the Ukraine.

How often do MLMs or other businesses make sales infomercials to answer the questions and potential objections of leads and prospects?

Both Richard Branson (Virgin Airlines, et al) and DJT sometimes created spectacles that caught the attention and imagination of TV watchers. Branson drove a tank that crushed Coca-Cola cans in the street to promote Virgin Cola. The Donald aired a TV show called The Apprentice.

Michael Dell in the dawn of the Internet, built cost effective yet quality PC’s for any consumer and sold direct. Middle men were cut out. Dell had considerable profits in a relatively short time.

Another way to achieve a victory is to stand out. One politician I knew used specially designed logos on his signs to capture the eye. His volunteers stacked two stakes and raised his signs above competitors signs where there was a lot of competing signs.

A great one for sales pros (and assembly lines) is NET or No Extra Time. Tony Robbins touts NET as a time management strategy. It’s essentially working every waking second. Multitasking is good for listening to audiobooks while on the treadmill or making phone calls while you’re in the jaccuzi. Focusing all attention and all available time is preferable to multitasking.

Tai Lopez says to invert your thinking. To do this ask yourself what you’d have to do to fail? And then don’t do it.

In the 2012 presidential debates, Gov. Gary Johnson didn’t qualify for the debate due to low polling numbers. Johnson’s staff recorded a video of Johnson answering all debate questions himself and uploading the video of his answers to YouTube the same night. Johnson was in the next debate (although he dropped out of the race later IIRC).

If you have believable yet lofty or maybe impossible goals for 2020 and beyond, how can you find a creative strategy to succeed?

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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Ways to Escape the Rat Race

If the pain of not escaping the rat race is worse for you than failing or discomfort or receiving flak from doubters, read this article.

Play with the building blocks in this article, and in the books you read, like the 4 Hour Work Week, Unscripted, and others.

If you simply had to raise cash, how would you do it? Write down every idea you can think of.  If your answer is to file for bankruptcy, go away.

Take inventory of current ventures, hobbies, investments, and all assets you own.  Where do you see each headed? What are competitors, consumers, and investors in each niche saying?  What are or did your advisors say that led to the purchase or venture in the first place?  Conduct a thorough SWOT and boundary spanning analysis for each venture, stock and asset.

Examine business ideas using the 5 Commandments (Need, Entry, Time, Scale, and Time).  Gauge the demand of each idea.  Zero competitors are probably a bad sign. Several profitable competitors you can beat or take market share from is a better sign.  Would you have a sufficient profit margin?

Eliminate holes in your buckets, people who will poison your well, and idle scoffers who want to bother you or elicit your plans.  Distance yourself from needy people, gold diggers, and starwmen.

Back to SWOT analysis.  What (special) advantages do you, your products, your customers, and companies you own shares of have?  Can these advantages be enhanced? Can these advantages be protected and / or will they work elsewhere?

Do you know your end users or customers?  Do you know when and where to reach them via advertising, to gain feedback, and to approach to be affiliates?

Study your competitors' products, services, sites, and advertisements.  What do they do that you can do?  What do they do you can leave out of your business?

How good of a salesperson are you? Can you determine if a potential employee or vendor is competent? You must have dictatorial control over your business.  Partner ships won't sail.

Read anything relevant to your venture and/or investments.  I'd weigh industry publications, academic journals in your field and the statements of people who have done what you intend to do much more than YouTube gurus or cable news.  Examine biases and possible biases in every source.  Does any expert your consult get paid if you fail or succeed? Are they objective.  Did a friend refer to some expert with hubris that seems really on target and he/she speaks from experience?

Can you handle the workload your venture requires?  What technology could you implement?

Can you stand to be isolated and criticized?  What problems do you and your business face?  Besides rags to riches stories, read riches to rags stories.

Ask yourself, what would you have to do to fail or not do to fail?  Then don't do it.

If you need to learn to code, but are leery of commitment to traditional colleges, see FALCE.

If you need a supportive inner circle that provides objective advice, accountability, and a sounding board for ideas, see the Black Book of the Master Mind series of books.

If you need more cash for a start up, see Fast Cash and Fast Cash 2 kindle eBooks.