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Are You Alone? Counted Out? Are You Pondering or Planning?

 Machiavellianism is real. For-profit institutions talk a nice game but you can't just close your eyes to the truth that Machiavellian power politics is real.

People are hurt all the time.

The for-profit institutions are more interested in serving your personal enemies than you.

Isolation is one tactic of the grifters.

What to do?

Maybe get a dog. Maybe get prison jacked. Turn off the bubble heads on TV and read.

You can't let other people ponder or determine your values for you.

Read this: Antifragility & Machiavellianism

Friday, October 14, 2022

How to Become a Billionaire


Hola avatar, today, we’re gonna conversate again on how to become a billionaire.

Let’s get started.

First, you need to scale a business entity that you control and if it can run for a while without you, that’s a big plus.

There needs to be at least some barriers to entry or you’ve basically created nothing. Your products or services must satisfy a strong demand from consumers. That’s either strong needs or strong wants.

There are very few people who worked for someone else and got to ten figures with an IRA.

You could however buy into an employer’s firm.

Here are some questions you avatars will want to answer:

-          Where will the puck go next? The next thing consumers in your field will want is what?

-          What demands are not being met by sellers in your niche?

-          Can you make your customer experience seamless and easy from your client’s first contact with you through to your customers leaving reviews of your product?

-          Do you have viable ideas for using any vast resources?

-          Can you imagine or project a billion one dollar sale or ten hundred million dollar sales?

-          Can you protect your IP? You kinda have to.

-          Can you get salespeople to cool their jets and allow you to conduct due diligence?

-          Do you know you can build anything you need to succeed?

-          Will you be the one to make your own product obsolete in the future?

-          Can you work with people far more skilled than you?

-          Can you work 60-90 hours per week?

-          Can you sort out the good guys from the bad guys?

-          Will you have cutting country rapper showing up all over?

-          Will you stop at say ten million and ring the bell and go party?

-          Can you solve mysteries, put out fires, think critically, and keep mooches out of your operation?

What work can you or your invention do that other companies, with their AI’s and outsourcers can not do? If you have some, you may have a shot.


Let’s talk about some fields that future billionaires may well come from:

-          Rare metals

-          Crypto, defi and blockchain development

-          Internet

-          AI and robotics

-          Genomics

-          Software and SaaS

-          VR

-          Sanitation and clean water

-          Electric power

-          Tech, industrial and automotive repair

-          Education, skills training and counseling

-          And possibly, corporate raiders who break up obsolete companies

-          Space travel will one day be a thing



Let’s talk about some of the pitfalls of joining the uber rich:

-          Parasites will most assuredly come around

-          Most people can be flattered or seduced or tricked

-          You have less privacy than you think you have

-          There’s crime other than parasitism

-          If you’re in the know as far as government and corporate planning goes, it’s a HUGE damned if you do damned if you don’t conundrum

-          There are also well-credentialled crooks

-          Care bears supposedly went to private islands during covid and made sure masks were worn

 Here’s some stuff not to do, avatar:

-          Don’t overemphasize soft skills

-          Don’t focus on fluff

-          Do focus on sales and focus much less on views, subscribers, likes, etc

-          Try to avoid any spending that doesn’t make money

-          Don’t tell crazy Karen, renegade meth dealer, low IQ socialist or supersaved Christian about your venture. If you did, that’s how you got zips in your wires and well credentialled crooks in the mass media spreading rumors. This is also how the Republican Party castrated itself

-          Don’t enroll in business school. Do look at the featured books at MMU

-          Don’t fail to avoid claptrap

-          Do avoid advisors who went to the PT Barnum school of publicity

-          Don’t give guilt trip travel agents cash or attention

-          Do not hire an incompetent VA or employee

-          Do not finance luxury items

-          Do not push products that don’t sell

-          Do not forget the scandal may be perfectly legal

-          Do not leave anything to chance if you can help it

-          Don’t put up with lip from the government bus driver

-          Do remember businesses can peddle lies and influence government policy

-          Do remember important people are busy

-          Don’t take the time to look at the scoreboard

Extreme savings won’t get you to one billion. But, if you were FI it would be far easier to focus on your business.

Taking a company you built public could well put you in the billionaire club. An IPO could also be a good exit strategy.

Unless you manage a hedge fund, private equity firm or VC firm, the odds are overwhelmingly against becoming a billionaire through stock or crypto trading though a few have done it.



Read up on several billionaires and note what they do differently.

Foremost, Elon Musk talks to independent media.

Warren Buffett used the power of compounding the masses’ daily purchases.

Several billionaires provide governments with data.

Carl Icahn has been a feared activist shareholder for thirty years.

Sean Parker has been called an agent of disruption. Parker has used the Internet for maximum impact since the dawn of the Internet.

Many billionaires simply own businesses that sell ubiquitous consumer products like furniture, make up, clothing and food.

MMU speculates that the blockchain and defi could would should provide the next generation of billionaires.

Well what do you say, anon? A non-billionaire giving you a framework for making a billion? If you want a real-world MBA, subscribe to this channel and definitely visit MMU dot com.

Take the assessments at the resources page at MMU. Make sure you’ve read the top 8 audiobooks we drilled down for you. If you need more different wealth building ideas, there are over 200 at the wealth building ideas page at MMU. Several of the articles at the articles page you may find helpful.


Well, how do you feel? Lost? Hopeless? Ambitious? I’m not a medical professional, BUT it seems positive to suggest taking inventory of what is under your control, weighing the risks and rewards, making a plan and getting to work.  Being a billionaire probably feels like an overwhelming goal.


I hope you swing by our site and grab our top 8 books and/or audios.

If you’re broke now, swing by the fast cash ideas page and maybe you can turn a side-project into a full blown business.


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